Refund Policy

1. If a refund is requested due to human error (ie. An extra zero was added mistakenly), the full amount should still be on the gaming account and not have been played. This would need to be within 24 hours of the deposit and will be reviewed by the fraud team. All refunds must go back to their source.

2. Suspected fraud. This must be raised as soon as possible (latest 30 days) and will be handled by the fraud team, if the outcome of the analysis is that it fraudulent activity occurred, the deposits may be refunded to their source. If the outcome is that no fraud occurred, we reserve the right to end the business relationship.

3. Before any refunds are processed, all bonuses and winnings must be deducted prior.

4. For accounts that are blocked and can not be re-opened (for SE, RG etc), we will do a manual payout by Bank transfer, after receiving any needed KYC (Bank statement)